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A fibre optic wire network installed in an existing urban community or new land or property development causes the value of the community or development to significantly grow because Fibre Optic Networks allow - intelligence to prosper


Designing and Servicing Fibre Optic  Wire Projects and Systems  since 1997


144 strand

96 strand

Air Blown Fibre Conduit

72 Strand in a 10/8 mm micro duct

96 strand in a 10/8 micro duct

Traditional 32 mm Conduit

Traditional 75 mm Conduit

144 Strand - Traditional

96 Strand - Traditional

96 Strand - ABF

72 Strand - ABF

The sheath diameter for these two different fibre cable drop wires is 1.0 mm.  The blue sheath is recommended for Northern Climates as it has under gone 100 freeze-thaw testing cycles in WATER.