Designing and Servicing Fibre Optic  Wire Projects and Systems  since 1997

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A fibre optic wire network installed in an existing urban community or new land or property development causes the value of the community or development to significantly grow because Fibre Optic Networks allow - intelligence to prosper


Keep money spent by local residents and businesses on telecommunication services in your community.


Local government leaders are re-thinking their policy positions when it comes to investing in broadband connecting infrastructure.

Community leaders have been conflicted about using local tax dollars to enable better data services being offered in their community.

It is not possible for national level companies to invest in the most up to date equipment in every community.

If after a presentation by your telecom provider, you are unable to


receive Gigabit services with direct access to an Internet Gateway Exchange - call us.


A community's location and size dictates investment decisions by the big telecom  and cable companies.